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(WWLP) JCPenney announced they will be closing several department stores because of the growth of online shopping. When large department stores close, it seems to inspire local small businesses to succeed. JC Penney announced Friday theyll be closing at least 130 stores nationwide and 2 distribution centers over the next several months. Thats about 13% of the companys current store count, and less than 5% of total annual sales. The company posted quarterly sales of $3.96 billion, down 0.9 percent from $3.99 billion a year ago. The companys looking for ways to improve profitability in an online shopping environment. A JC Penney corporate spokeswoman told 22News the list of stores that are scheduled to close wont be revealed until sometime mid-March. Until then, we dont know whats going to happen to the store here in Hadley. The Best Buy in the same Hadley shopping plaza closed in October. Something else is under construction in that space.

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The chancellor will also take on the role of first secretary of state, making him the highest ranking cabinet minister after the prime minister. Home Secretary Theresa May has been re-appointed to the position she has held since 2010. Foreign Secretary Also re-appointed is Philip Hammond, who has been foreign secretary since 2014. Work and Pensions Secretary Image copyright PA Former Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb was promoted to the Department for Work and Pensions on 19 March following the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith. Defence Secretary - Michael Fallon Image copyright (C) British Broadcasting Corporation Michael Fallon has also been re-appointed to a position he has held since 2014. Oliver Letwin Image copyright PA Oliver Letwin is promoted to Cabinet as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in overall charge of the Cabinet Office. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was appointed Health Secretary in 2012 and remains in post. Leader of the House of Commons Former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has been made of Leader of the House, replacing William Hague who is no longer an MP. Justice Secretary Michael

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Gove, a former education secretary, is moved from chief whip to take up the justice secretary's position held by Chris Grayling since 2012. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan continues as education secretary after her appointment last year. Leader of the House of Lords Image copyright Getty Images Conservative peer Baroness Stowell retains this position and has been made a full member of the cabinet.

The nation's workplace tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, slashed a pay benefit for workers in the hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy industries. Known as penalty rates, it afforded employees higher wages - as much as 200% in some cases - on Sundays and public holidays. The decision triggered anger from unions, who claimed it would cost some workers up to A$6,000 (3,700; $4,600) a year, and passionate criticism on social media. Image copyright @lucethoughts Image copyright @GedKACTU Image copyright @emvdn Brisbane bar worker Selina Young is among those affected, estimating she will now earn A$50 less on

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Sundays. She says she relies on penalty rates to boost her Sunday pay from A$19.90 per hour to just under A$30. "I don't lead a luxurious lifestyle," Ms Young told the BBC. "I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do." So what is changing? In Australia, penalty rates in fact apply to working weekends, public holidays, overtime and late-night or early morning shifts. But this week's changes affect only Sunday and public holiday pay, and vary across industries. Employees will still earn more than on weekdays. The changes to Australia's Sunday pay rates Full-time and part-time staff 200% down to 150% 200% down to 175% The Australian Council of Trade Unions said the take-home pay of nearly one million workers would be cut by up to A$6,000 a year, but that figure was disputed by some business advocates.

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