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In this Jan. 18, 2017, photo, buttons for sale are posted as preparations continue for Fridaybrowse around here be an inaugural marathon on Friday. Donald Trump will take Washington by storm, no matter what the weather.(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)' align='left' /> Donald Trump will take Washington by storm, no matter what the weather. (Which, by the way, looks like rain.) Some things to watch for on Inauguration Day: ___ 35 or 39? Trump's oath of office is the only essential on Friday; all the rest is window dressing. The Constitution sets out a 35-word oath for the new president. Some presidents make it 39 by tacking on "so help me God." There are conflicting stories about when the ad lib started. Some say George Washington added the words when he took the oath at his 1789 inaugural. Others say the first eyewitness account of a president using those words came at Chester Arthur's inauguration in 1881. Historian Jim Bendat says Washington's use of the phrase is a myth, but every president since 1933 has done it. ___ THE SPEECH Trump's inaugural address will set the tone for the launch of his presidency. Will he go the traditional route and offer a message of unity to a divided nation, play the role of disrupter of the established order, or blend a little of both? This won't be his usual off-the-cuff address.

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He doesnt have an operatic voice, though he probably could manufacture one. I think it will be a surprise to everyone. Alec Baldwin had also been a possibility, Schaeffer said. As suave radio host for the New York Philharmonic concerts, Baldwin would have brought classical currency, and his Trump routine certainly would have caused a topical buzz. But he wasnt signed because of scheduling considerations, she said. He was going to be on location filming. So it came up sooner than he thought. He thought he could accommodate us, but then could not, Schaeffer says. The concert and ball has long been de rigueur for Philadelphians of a certain stripe government and corporate leaders, arts-sector workers, philanthropists, the socially ambitious, and society's old guard. Its still an evening where different kinds of people can have immediate access to the movers and shakers of Philadelphia, says Loden. Theres ชุด คู่รัก สไตล์ เกาหลี a festive atmosphere that the celebration of this building helps with. Its ecumenical in that way.

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