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No ones gone unscathed with the selfie thing. Thats very much a part of the lifestyle today. Many designers are now catering to the needs of Muslim consumers and fashionistas. Western designers are recent arrivals to this market: In the past three years, Burberry, Mango and DKNY have each introduced a limited-edition Ramadan collection, and last year couturier Dolce & Gabbana released a line of hijabs and abayas. But the spread of Uniqlos collection to U.S. stores marks a new milestone. Its parent company, Fast Retailing, is the third-largest apparel brand in the world, with $17.3 billion in sales last year, according to company filings . And where other labels have specifically targeted observant customers, Uniqlos modest line makes no mention of religion, focusing instead on the garments versatility, look and comfort. Many of these items could be worn by anyone -- you dont have to be of a particular faith to wear these clothes, said Hazel Clark, a professor of design studies and fashion studies at Parsons School of Design. A shop assistant works inside the Irada confession fashion store, which sells clothing popular with Muslim customers, in Moscow, Sept. 24, 2015.

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sign language has evolved in India in the past century So, while it works for inter-personal communication, the wider lack of knowledge of sign language means that deaf people have to become proficient in languages they have never heard or spoken. Islam Ul Haq, a master trainer in sign language, has been deaf from birth and does not speak. "When we don't hear or speak a language, we don't understand its grammar and syntax. For us communicating ideas is enough," he told the BBC through an interpreter. For example, to say "this food is good", the signs required are only for "food" and "good", but if this were to be communicated in spoken or written English, one would need to know that "food" is a noun and "good" is an adjective, not to mention the role of "this" and "is" in a sentence. The dictionary aims to help in developing this "bilingualism" and grammar. Variations British and American sign language dictionaries are an important reference point for the dictionary, but signs used by deaf people in India are very different because of their cultural, geographical and historical context. Simple signs that are used to denote common terms such as "marriage" or "tea" are not the same world over. While the action for "wearing a ring" denotes "marriage" in the US, in India it is depicted by the "holding of hands". "Tea" is shown through the action of "dipping a tea bag in a cup" in the US, but in India, you would actually mime the action of drinking tea from a cup and saucer.

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