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a Byzantine <a href=their explanation image of Saint George, in recognisable golden painting style, sits in a wooden frame' align='left' /> The recovered items included a marble tombstone from the Ottoman empire and a Byzantine image of Saint George. Multinational police agencies Europol and Interpol coordinated "Operation Pandora", led by Cypriot and Spanish police. Police arrested 75 people, and investigated 48,588 individuals, Europol said. Among the recovered items were: A total of 3,561 works of art and cultural items - about half of which were archaeological objects 19 items which had been stolen from an archaeological museum in Murcia, Spain - part of a haul of 500 found in the region More than 400 coins from throughout history, found through "suspicious online advertisements" Image copyright Europol Image caption Hundreds of coins were included in the haul In addition to the 75 people who เป้สะพายหลัง ยี่ห้ออะไรดี were arrested, Europol said that 92 new investigations had been opened as a result of the operation. Investigators said that criminal gangs involved in cultural theft were the focus, particularly those who seized cultural items by force - either on land or from sunken wrecks. The operation took place during October and November last year. Image copyright Europol Image caption Spanish officers discovered about 500 artefacts in the city of Murcia Eighteen countries, mostly from the European Union - but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Switzerland - were involved. Cypriot police said they alone recovered almost 1,400 artefacts during 44 searches. Europol co-ordinated efforts, while Interpol contributed its database of stolen artworks.

Source: @luhciee As a result, its not uncommon for Airfrov travellers to take on multiple Primark orders andfulfill them in a single ซื้อ เสื้อผ้า แฟชั่น trip. With the shopping that has to be carried around, it makes sense to find a place to eat nearby before heading back. But, it can be tedious to find a decent cafe or restaurant amongst the fast food joints, kebab shops, sandwich outlets and tourist traps. To make things easier, wevecompiled a list of eateries around Primark that would provide awelcome respite after jostling about with other shoppers in Primarks Marble Arch or Oxford Street stores. (Note: All prices exclude VAT, currently at 20%, and service charge, customarily at 10-15%, though the latter can be refused if the service is found to be unreasonably bad) Primark Marble Arch Source: @chococherrie Primarks first flagship store in London is often packed with both tourists and locals, bothlooking for a great fashion bargain. Given the nearest eating options are sandwich chain Pret A Manger, pubs, McDonalds and the occasional kebab shop, the food-conscious Singaporean traveller might find these options uninspired andlook a bit harder for a post-shopping meal.Here are some of the more interesting finds. Source: @ladyironchef Last 5 years, London saw a revival of Indian food. Roti Chai is an attempt to ride that wave, showcasing affordable Indian street fare in a simple unassuming setting. In keeping with current trends, the menu is structured to encourage sharing with friends tapas-style. So, whilemost items served in the street kitchen can be had for under 10, you will have to order multiple items to make it a meal, as recommended in the menu .

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